New method to calculate EMF zones






In the coming years, TenneT will have to build several new power lines next to already existing lines in order to increase the overall capacity. By bundling the two lines in one corridor, the impact on the landscape will be lessened. The previous method in calculating the magnitude of electromagnetic fields would not sufficiently take into account the cumulative impact of two parallel lines. This is why the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment revised the method. In the Netherlands, the threshold value of 0.4 microtesla may not be exceeded around “sensitive objects” (homes, schools etc.). With the new method, the 0.4 microtesla zone of bundled and combined lines (two lines next to each other or in one pylon) might be broader than before. A future side effect is that it will be more difficult for TenneT to find a route, which avoids homes or other sensitive objects.