Celebrating Ten Years of Good Practices

We are delighted to announce that this year marks the ten-year anniversary of the 'Good Practice of the Year' award presented by the Renewables Grid Initiative. In celebration of this milestone, the 2023 ceremony will celebrate a unique award for previous 'Good Practice of the Year' award winners, the '10th Anniversary All-Star' award (see below for more info). We have also added some fresh paint to our competition title, which will from now on be known as the ‘RGI Grid Awards: Good Practice of the Year’.

About the 'RGI Grid Awards: Good Practice of the Year'

The RGI Grid Awards are an annual accolade granted by RGI, based on recommendations from our expert jury. The award acknowledges exceptional practices rather than entire grid projects. However, the submitted practices must clearly show their connection to grid development that facilitates renewable integration. We strongly encourage grid operators, project developers, NGOs, and public authorities involved in grid projects, both European and non-European, to submit their entries and highlight their most original and successful practices. Let your remarkable achievements shine in this competition!

The purpose of this award is to recognise, promote, and commemorate practices that display extraordinary dedication and ingenuity. The jury thoroughly evaluates several factors, such as innovation, impact and outcomes, scope and transferability, and collaborative approaches, to determine the three winning practices.

The RGI Grid Awards honour remarkable practices in grid development across three categories:

  • Technological Innovation & System Integration, 
  • Communication & Engagement, 
  • Environmental Protection.

Submissions for the 'Good Practice of the Year' award are closed for 2023

If you are interesting in submitting for a future award edition, you can use the example submission form below, as well as, the award submission criteria which the jury will use to evaluate practices, to better understand the process. 

Submit Here

Submissions open until 25 August 2023

About the '10th Anniversary All-Star' Award

In celebration of ten years of the 'Good Practice of the Year' award, we're excited to announce a special category for the upcoming RGI Grid Awards, the '10th Anniversary All-Star' award. 

To select the All-Star winner, we're inviting members of the public to vote for their favourite practice among the participating winners of the last 10 years. This is a chance to recognise the most exceptional practice from a pool of innovative practices in grid deployment and renewables integration. We want to celebrate the best of the best, and we need your help to do it!

Please note that we only accept one vote per person, and the maximum number of votes per organisation is ten. This rule is in place to ensure that the voting process is fair and prevents organisations from dominating the selection process to ensure their past winning practice becomes the All-Star.

Voting for the All-Star Award will close on Friday, 20 October 2023 at 23:59 CET. Only complete ballots will be counted.


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