Marine Grid Declaration

The Marine Grid Declaration sets a precedent for environmentally-sound and inclusive decision-making in offshore grid development. It establishes an agreed framework of principles which will guide the signatories in their efforts to avoid, minimise and where possible eliminate negative impacts on the marine environment. It also supports early stakeholder engagement and effective planning and decision-making processes.

At the European Commission’s inaugural PCI Energy Days on 19 March 2019, RGI celebrated the signing ceremony of the Marine Grid Declaration. The Declaration lays out principles specific to grid deployment in the marine environment, including promotion of early two-way communication with stakeholders, adequate protection of the marine environment and knowledge sharing. In doing so, it supports the smooth deployment of the offshore grid infrastructure needed to integrate a growing amount of renewables and meet Europe’s climate and energy targets.

To sign the Marine Grid Declaration, please get in touch with us and contact Cristina Simioli.


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Cristina Simioli
Senior Manager - Energy and Policy Systems

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