RGI is an association registered in Berlin, Germany. The organs of the association are the Members' Assembly and the Board.

Members' Assembly (MA)

The Members' Assembly is the highest decision-making organ of the association.

Participants: RGI Secretariat and all Members

Tasks: The MA decides on all topics that influence the general set-up, governance structure and strategy of RGI.

Voting rights: TSOs and NGOs have one vote each; voting is public and allows for discussions.

Meetings: Once per year (more if necessary)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO implements all decisions taken by the Members’ Assembly. The CEO is appointed by and reports to the Board. The current CEO is Antonella Battaglini


The Secretariat manages and coordinates all RGI activities and also develops and implements strategies and action plans, administers approved budgets, publicly represents the RGI, networks and conducts background briefings. It reports to the Board.

RGI Board

The Board is the highest decision making organ of the association between the Members’ Assemblies. The Board consists of at least six voting members including two chairmen and one treasurer. The number of the Board members is decided by the Members' Assembly and shall consist of an equal number of TSO and NGO representatives.

Jasón Besga
Head of the Institutional Relations and European Affairs Department at Grupo Red Eléctrica

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Alan Croes
Head of System Outlook, Energy System Department

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Ilse Tant
Chief Community Relations Officer at Elia Group

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Dr. Eva Schmid
Team Leader German and European Climate Policy at Germanwatch

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Ariel Brunner
Acting Interim Director & Senior Head of Policy at BirdLife Europe & Central Asia

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Edoardo Zanchini
Vicepresident at Legambiente

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