SENTINEL – Sustainable Energy Transitions Laboratory – is a Horizon 2020-funded research project, conducted by a consortium of twelve partners from nine different European countries. It aims at developing an energy system modelling framework for the energy transition.

The EU’s commitments under the Paris Agreement, the Energy Union Strategy and the European Green Deal, striving to eliminate energy sector greenhouse gas emissions and to increase variable renewable energy sources, require a better understanding of different options and pathways of such transition. In order to achieve that, we need to develop a new set of energy modelling tools, because existing ones do not capture enough of the technological, geographic, and societal details, important for designing an energy system around renewable energy sources.

Modular in its structure, the SENTINEL framework will enable separate models to go into a great deal of details about specific aspects of the energy transition, while making sure individual models can be linked. Decarbonisation, decentralisation, a large-scale expansion of renewables, flexibility, sector-coupling and the impacts of different market designs on the behaviour of energy sector actors can be better described through this. Extensive collaboration with stakeholders will inform the development and refinement of the SENTINEL framework, both through an evaluation of crucial needs of energy models’ users and users of energy models’ results, and then through a set of participatory case studies.


Dr. Andrzej Ceglarz
Director - Energy Systems

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t: +49 30 233211014

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