While we advance in the transition towards a renewable energy system, infrastructure deployment will be required. During the planning and implementation stages of these projects, public engagement is necessary to guarantee acceptance from local communities.

How to promote a fair public participation within energy development projects? And what are the effects of such activities?

Looking towards these questions, RGI, together with the Research Institute for Sustainability – Helmholtz Centre Potsdam (RIFS Potsdam), the Bündnis Bürgerenergie e.V. (BBEn) and the ECOLOG-Institut, will lead BePart - Quo Vadis Participation?

Funded by the German Ministry for Economy and Climate (BMWK), the project will run from April 2023 until September 2025, and aims to evaluate the form and effect of participation processes in energy projects within Germany.

How will the project achieve this?

Create a large-scale sample (n>150) of different participatory processes

Collected project data will be fed into a database, which will be later available

Evaluate cases, using a framework to be developed with relevant stakeholders


Main project questions

The project will try to answer the following questions:

  • What are the impacts of participatory processes on solar power, wind power and electricity grid infrastructure projects?
  • Do participatory processes change the projects that are actually implemented, and if so, under which conditions and how?
  • Do participatory processes change the acceptance of the projects, and if so, under which conditions and how?
  • Can participation accelerate the energy transition, and if so, which forms of participation and how?
  • Are there patterns in the effects?
  • Are the effects of different forms of participation different?



Stephanie Bätjer
Director - Communication

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t: +49 30 2332 11017

Dr. Andrzej Ceglarz
Director - Energy Systems

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t: +49 30 233211014

Dr. Ira Shefer
Manager - Energy Systems

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t: +49 30 2332 11000

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