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Since 2015, RGI has been publishing at least six newsletters a year. They update the reader on recent RGI activities and new developments in discussions surrounding the electricity grid. Every second edition also includes updates from our Members. Special segments include our “5 questions for…” interviews in which we introduce new RGI partners or talk to relevant players from the energy world about current events. Every newsletter also includes event announcements.

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RGI News April 2024

Our April 2024 newsletter includes materials and photos from our 15th Anniversary Conference on Energy & Solidarity in Brussels, news from our new Global Initiative for Nature, Grids and Renewables (GINGR), highlights from two modellers exchange workshops, an upcoming JustWind4All event at EUSEW24, RGI's joint letters with the Electrification Alliance, other project updates, Grid news, and upcoming events.

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