Europe in Transition: How can we accelerate the shift to an integrated, renewables-based energy system?

Ambitions and factors to be considered by the German and Portuguese EU presidencies

RGI cordially invites you to join our digital workshop ‘Europe in Transition: How can we accelerate the shift to an integrated, renewables-based energy system?’ on 22 October 2020. We will build on 50Hertz’s commitment to covering 100 percent of electricity demand with renewables by 2032 and explore other solutions being developed in all sectors at European level to enable an energy system based on variable RES.

Interested in hearing our speakers discuss ambitions and factors to be considered by the German and Portuguese EU presidencies? Want to join the discussion? Register below!



Welcome by Antonella Battaglini – CEO Renewables Grid Initiative


Keynote on climate leadership
by Thorsten Herdan – Director General, Energy Policy, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


Keynote“We can achieve 100% RES by 2032
by Stefan Kapferer – CEO, 50Hertz

50Hertz is not alone: Spotlight on TSO initiatives to achieve high-RES penetration across Europe


  • Manon Van Beek– CEO, TenneT
  • João Conceição – COO, REN
  • Mark Foley – CEO, EirGrid
  • Werner Götz – CEO, TransnetBW


Voices from across Europe and society:

How do stakeholders react and what are their plans for achieving a renewable system?

  • NGO reaction: Wendel Trio (Director, CAN Europe)
  • Youth reaction: Fabian Stichtenoth (Fridays for Future Germany)
  • Regulator reaction: Christine Materazzi-Wagner (Electricity Working Group Chair, ACER)


Introduction to the Breakout rooms:

Which questions do we need to solve and include in upcoming political legislation to create the right lanes for our energy system of the future now?


The questions that will be discussed in the breakouts are:

  1. How do we create a European electrification roadmap? What roles do system integration, decentralisation and energy efficiency play in such as roadmap?

Moderation and input by: RGI, Ronnie Belmans (Energyville)

  1. Renewable development in Europe: How do we enable it through integrated strategic spatial planning in combination with ecosystem protection?

Moderation and input by: Melina Monjour (European Climate Foundation)

  1. What are key flexibility needs of the future renewables energy system? Who can deliver them? Which regulatory and investment frameworks are needed?

Moderation and input: Marc Oman (Google) & John Lowry (EirGrid)

  1. Who are the future users of green gases? What do the pathways to channel gases where they are most needed look like?

Moderation and input by:Gerald Kaendler (Amprion) & Louis Watine (ENTSOG)

  1. Offshore wind: How can we plan offshore expansion and ecosystem protection all the way to 2050?

Moderation and input by: Ariel Brunner (BirdLife)

  1. How do we better embed circular economy principles into the energy system?

Moderation and input: Stephan Singer (Climate Action Network International)


Every participant joins one breakout room to discuss the question posed and help distil policy recommendations in the group.


11:40-15:00 – BREAK


Breakout rooms starts

After a 3 hour break the discussions in the groups start.


Panel: Europe in transition: How can we accelerate the shift to an integrated, renewables-based energy system?

The panel is made up of the moderators of the breakout groups who will discuss most urgently needed steps and share most striking impressions/recommendations from the breakouts :

  • Ronnie Belmans – CEO, Energyville
  • Ariel Brunner – Director, BirdLife Europe
  • Gerald Kaendler – Head of Asset Managament, Amprion
  • John Lowry – Project Director, EirGrid
  • Melina Monjour – Energy Systems Associate, European Climate Foundation
  • Marc Oman – EU Senior Energy Lead, Google
  • Stephan Singer – Senior Advisor Global Energy Policy, Climate Action Network International


Reflections by European Commission Catharina Sikow-Magny, Director, Internal Energy Market (European Commission)


Second signing ceremony for the ‘Request to Adapt European Energy Planning Scenarios’


Closing remarks on energy ambitions of the Portuguese EU presidency João Galamba,Deputy Minister and Secretary of State for Energy, Portugal


17:30 – Workshop ends



Stephanie Bätjer
Senior Manager – Communication

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