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Since 2015, RGI has been publishing six newsletters a year. They update the reader on recent RGI activities and new developments in discussions surrounding the electricity grid. Every second edition also includes updates from other partners. The other three feature a segment called “5 questions for…” in which we introduce new RGI partners or talk to relevant players from the energy world about current events. Every newsletter also includes event announcements.

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RGI News October 2017

If one theme should summarise the past couple of weeks at the RGI office, it would probably be that “protecting the environment and sustainable grid development are not contradictory”.
It has been a busy and a productive period. Two weeks ago, RGI and the German branch of BirdLife Europe launched a hotline to collect data on power line bird collision. A few weeks ago, during our expert workshop in Palma, we have learned about different approaches to seagrass protection. We also hosted a high-level dinner at the European Parliament and facilitated a lively discussion about the "Clean Energy for all Europeans" package.

Find out more details about our past and future activities in our October newsletter. Enjoy the read! 

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