Grid Aesthetics

Beautiful and peculiar landscapes - both natural and architectural - are widespread across Europe. Very often, these are dear to local residents due to strong emotional bonds. Naturally, scepticism arises when some of these areas are to be changed due to the crossing of new power lines.

Design and technology can play a major role when seeking better solutions for the integration of grid infrastructure in the surrounding landscape. However, this requires big engineering efforts and often entails higher costs.

Some TSOs have experimented with these new design options. In successful cases, new pylon designs are used to engage stakeholders and the public - often via public competitions or stakeholder dialogues. This way, new pylon designs can be a starting point for local discussions and increase the number of different alternatives the grid operator can offer to stakeholders. In ideal cases, the new pylons become objects of identification for the whole region. 

RGI encourages project planners and regulators to fully exploit the opportunities that different design options entail. The development of new technology and design is integral part of our best practice project. In RGI's 2014 'Good Practice of the Year' award competition, the Danish power pylon design and engineering company Bystrup received the award for designing the "Eagle Pylon" that has been built in Denmark. 


Stephanie Bätjer
Director - Communication

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