Integrated Vegetation Management

In June 2023, RGI hosted the first in a series of workshops to share knowledge and practical expertise on how to create green corridors beneath power lines. On this page you can find content presentations, documentation and photo impressions.


Compared to conventional vegetation management, whereby grid operators must periodically clearcut vegetation to prevent short-circuits from a tree touching a line, integrated vegetation management (IVM) has been proven to bring many benefits for nature, people, and grid operators alike.

While many grid operators already implement IVM in their control areas - and see very positive results! - many companies struggle to make the shift, citing roadblocks at the company, regulatory and public level.

The workshops

In 2023, building on our 2019 briefing paper and our ‘Energy and Nature’ webinar series, RGI launched a new series of in-person workshops for European TSOs and DSOs to further the discussion and advance the cause of IVM.

From 13-15 June, 28 representatives of 14 EU organisations gathered in the Ardennes (Belgium) for a two-day workshop. Drawing on the experiences of the pioneering LIFE Elia-RTE project, we discussed best practices and lessons learned from Belgium and the other 9 member states present. We visited several sites from the LIFE project and were able to see first-hand how their management continues, years after the project launch (biological indicators available here). Importantly, we identified together tools and activities which could help to overcome some of the barriers to IVM implementation across Europe.

Below you can find all presentations and photos from the workshops, as well as some other relevant materials. To the right, you can download the Workshop Report, which summarises the content and discussions and sets a series of priorities for the roll-out of IVM in Europe moving forward.

The group will continue collaborating through a working group, before we meet again in 2024 to discuss progress and new initiatives. If you are interested in joining the working group, or just have questions about this topic, don’t hesitate to contact Liam Innis, RGI’s Manager – Energy Ecosystems.

Workshop presentations

LIFE-Elia-RTE | History & Development | Johan Mortier - Elia

LIFE-Elia-RTE | Biodiversity monitoring | Pierrette Nyssen - Ecofirst

Partnerships with external stakeholders | Aurélie Maebe - Ecofirst

LIFE-Elia-RTE | Stakeholder engagement & public acceptance | Johan Mortier - Elia

LIFE-Elia-RTE | Regulatory & legal aspects | Johan Mortier - Elia

LIFE-Elia-RTE | Jean-François Godeau - Ecofirst

Bird protection, IVM & SafeLines4Birds | Jean-Yves Paquet - Natagora

Parterships with federations | Emilie Cardon & Bruno Salvi - RTE

LIFE-Elia-RTE | Administrative & regulatory aspects | Lionel Coquelet - Ecofirst

LIFE-Elia-RTE | Financial aspects | Aurélie Maebe - Ecofirst

Participant Presentations


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