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All of our factsheets are dedicated to a specific subject, which either has to do with the structure and activities of the Renewables Grid Initiative or a topic that RGI is working on. The sheets are intended to serve as short topical overviews and thus do not go into the details of a subject. However, they always provide the interested reader with links to more in-depth information.


Here you find factsheets on topics you are interested in for download. We continuously update this page, so come back soon to browse through new factsheets. If you would like to comment on our factsheets or have questions or suggestions for new topics, please contact us anytime. 

Industry in Transition: The role of 24/7 Carbon Free Energy (CFE) in decarbonising the European industry

March 2024

Decarbonisation of industry is a crucial step to ensuring the European Union's climate targets. However, the industrial transition to net-zero can be challenging as it should also ensure EU competitiveness, optimise costs and resources, and prevent carbon leakage. In this context, what are important elements to keep in mind? And how does a granular approach towards 24/7 Carbon Free Energy (CFE) impact electricity grids? Learn more in our new factsheet!

Energy&Space: Space and water needs for decarbonised futures – data-oriented inputs for energy decision-making

February 2024

Although renewable energy sources and electricity grid infrastructure will require an increasing amount of space on land and at sea, a current lack of data on the needed spatial and water requirements poses a challenge towards energy system planning and concurrent policy developments. Considering this challenge, RGI's Energy&Space Workstream explores the need for spatial and water resources according to four different decarbonisation scenarios. Check out our Factsheet to learn more about this important topic, what are the main results of our work and what are the needed steps forward!

Destination Earth: Use Case Energy Systems

January 2024

RGI, while working together with German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Aarhus University, contributes to Destination Earth (DestinE) – a European Commission initiative that aims at creating a model version of Earth that monitors and simulates the interactions between human activities and natural phenomena. RGI will engage with energy system modellers and grid operators to ensure the compatibility between the tools to be developed under the Use Case Energy Systems and the users' needs and workflow. Learn more about the project in our factsheet!

Engage4Energy: Public engagement in energy infrastructure

November 2023

Public engagement for energy infrastructure is of increasing importance as public opposition to projects such as wind farms or electricity grids poses challenges to meeting climate and energy targets. As energy infrastructure moves closer to people’s homes, there is a call for effective and meaningful public engagement on energy infrastructure projects. But what drives or retains public engagement in energy infrastructure? This factsheets explores what is public engagement, why it is important and how it can be meaningfully implemented while considering different challenges.

Factsheet: 24/7 Carbon Free Energy

June 2023

Large consumers such as companies, cities and universities can leverage their energy procurement processes to support the decarbonisation of the energy system.  Through the 24/7 Carbon Free Energy (CFE) framework, these actors can ensure their operations take into account the time and place of generation, ensuring a reduced impact on the energy system overall.

How can we increase the climate resiliency of the electricity system?

November 2022

As the climate change increases weather variability and chances for extreme events to happen, a climate resilient planning and operating processes for the electricity grid is necessary. This includes understanding how the electricity system might be sensitive to weather, as well as what adaptation solutions must be implemented to increase the grid resilience. This factsheet summarises key elements of discussions held during RGI's Modellers’ Exchange Workshop organised in September 2022 in collaboration with Hitachi Energy. It includes tools, challenges and solutions to be considered when building the electricity grid of the future.

Factsheet: What is the Renewables Grid Initiative?

October 2018

This Factsheet explains what is the Renewables Grid Initiative, as well as details its vision, Members, funding mechanisms and most important activities. It also offers an overview of the relevant publications so far.




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