Working together for renewables: Red Eléctrica, Fundacion Renovables and RGI collaborate to enhance grid development in Spain

Red Eléctrica, Fundación Renovables and RGI are launching a new Implementing RGI Declarations (IRD) project, 'Redes para Renovables' to promote the electricity grid development in Spain.

Spanish TSO Red Eléctrica, climate and energy think-tank Fundación Renovables and collaborative NGO RGI (Renewables Grid Initiative) are joining forces, knowledge and experience to promote the electricity grid development in Spain. The three organisations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) stating their shared commitment to actively work towards higher environmental and social standards for grid projects.

The MoU will be the cornerstone for a joint project called ‘Redes para Renovables’ (Grids for Renewables) that will deliver a new, more inclusive approach to social engagement, the co-creation of local values and a comprehensive guide for small municipalities supporting the development of tailored energy transition strategies. To ensure that these activities reach their highest potential, the project will additionally broach the subjects of demand-side management and energy consumption optimisation as well as contribute to broader energy culture by promoting awareness and action in relation to the energy transition in Spain.

In bringing these different activities together in one project, ‘Redes para Renovables’ aims to address the energy transition, the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis in a holistic way – with people and nature at the core of decision-making processes for energy infrastructure planning and development.

Placing people and nature at the centre of infrastructure projects is not just vital from a fairness and biodiversity perspective but also necessary with regard to reaching our climate targets. Creating processes that will speed up permitting and project implementation is crucial in this context and supports the ambitions of the European Commission – as confirmed during the recent EU Grid Forum – and the current Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Antonella Battaglini, CEO of RGI, underlines the relevance of ‘Redes para Renovables’ saying:

“It is of paramount importance that energy infrastructure projects are developed in line with environmental and social standards. RGI is excited to collaborate with Fundación Renovables and Red Eléctrica to support a fast, inclusive and equitable energy transition, that aligns seamlessly with the Paris Agreement's ambitions."


Fernando Ferrando Vitales, president of Fundación Renovables adds:

“Electrification of our energy needs must be the pillar of our present and future commitment, and for this we need a robust and technologically adapted electric grid. To realise this, we must involve society and communicate the opportunities that lie ahead, as the "Redes para Renovables" project intends to do. By creating channels for open and honest dialogue, we will make significant progress in responsible energy consumption and the decarbonisation of the economy.”


Beatriz Corredor, chairwoman of Redeia, parent company of Red Eléctrica, emphasizes the importance of

‘promoting grid reinforcement because there is no transition without transmission. But we have to do it together with the entire territory. We have to listen and dialogue with the communities so that the development of these infrastructures is consistent with the enhancement of their living conditions. This is the only way to build future grids. Red Eléctrica has been working with this approach for a very long time. And this is the spirit of Redes para Renovables’.


Project Partners

Fundación Renovables, an energy and climate think-tank, brings technical, political and scientific solutions to decarbonise Spain's economy for the last 13 years. It’s made up of independent people from all types of entities and organizations. During this time it has managed to become one of the references in the national energy scene through its work as experts in self-sufficiency, decarbonization and ecological transition. Their mission is to promote a rapid and orderly transition towards an electrified demand-based energy model, driven by renewable sources, efficiency and energy conservation.


As the backbone of the Spanish energy transition, Red Eléctrica, the Spanish electricity TSO, is dedicated to securely operating the electricity system while integrating renewable energy. Grid projects currently developed by Red Eléctrica are pivotal in catalysing Spain's Integrated Energy & Climate Plan objectives, enabling the country to source 81% of electricity generation from renewable energies by 2030.


The Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI)represents a remarkable collaboration between NGOs and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) across Europe. Under the roof of RGI, Members engage in an ‘energy ecosystem-of-actors’, promoting a fair, transparent, and sustainable grid development. RGI is committed to facilitating the growth of renewables to achieve full decarbonisation in line with the Paris Agreement. In this context, RGI facilitates targeted cooperation between TSOs and NGOs on national level – so called IRD projects. ‘Redes para Renovables’ is the latest and most ambitious addition to the IRD catalogue. Other IRD projects have been initiated in Germany, Ireland, and Italy.


Morjana Moreira dos Anjos
Manager - Socio-Energy Systems

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