Website launch: European Commission’s ‘Grid Infrastructure Communication Toolkit’ for constructive stakeholder dialogue is online

On 24 June 2014, the Commission has launched an online toolkit that features essential elements for successful, inclusive project communication and constructive multi-stakeholder dialogue at the local level of any power grid development project.

The toolkit is the result of a project initiated by the European Commission in autumn last year. The EU’s Directorate-General for Energy commissioned a consortium led by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants to support local acceptance of grid development projects. The project was governed by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee (TSOs, NGOs, DG Energy etc.) in which also RGI participated and shared its experience.

The final product of the project, the toolkit, includes detailed descriptions of different communication and engagement elements, including relevant stakeholders, different planning stages, communication channels and formats, and good practice examples. It is intended to be used by all actors involved in grid development projects, such as TSOs, public authorities, NGOs or citizen action groups who would like to inform themselves about their opportunities to engage in the process. It is available here: