Two communities of energy actors join forces: RGI becomes REN21's newest Member

The Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) has joined REN21's global renewable energy community network as its newest member.

RGI is joining the REN21 community as its newest member this month. The two membership organisations – RGI with its TSO and NGO community and REN21 with its global renewable energy community network – are joining forces to explore synergies between the diverse actors they represent. Both organisations work for a carbon-free world with a renewables-based energy system, yet the topics of renewable energy development and grid infrastructure development are still too often thought about separately. RGI and REN21 will work together in the years to come bring these worlds closer together and create a fruitful exchange between them.

Antonella Battaglini, CEO of RGI, says about the newly formalised collaboration: “Solutions are always found across sectors, across communities, across countries. I hope that RGI’s more specific focus on infrastructure and nature protection will be useful for REN21 and we will find interesting ways of collaborating between our two networks.”

Rana Adib, Executive Director of REN21, shares this, saying: “We see that infrastructure is more and more important in the renewables energy debate as well as bringing in the planning component as a key step in driving change. REN21 is therefore very happy to welcome RGI.”

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Antonella Battaglini & Rana Adib in conversation

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