The Renewables Grid Initiative and ENTSO-E initiate long-term collaboration for responsible grid development

RGI and ENTSO-E will be working more closely together to promote a responsible reinforcement of the power grid needed to achieve Europe’s climate and energy targets.

ENTSO-E will benefit from RGI’s unique position as a well-experienced independent meeting point between TSOs and NGOs; while RGI will be able to take advantage of ENTSO-E’s expertise and channels of communication to the TSO community. Both entities will benefit from each other’s visibility towards institutions, NGOs, the general public and the industry.

“Our memorandum of understanding presents a great opportunity for the two organisations to challenge each other and thus be even more effective in the future”, commented Antonella Battaglini, Chief Executive Officer of RGI.  “I am convinced that we can benefit from this collaboration and advance our common goal of an environmentally and socially responsible development of the power grid in a system with increasing shares of renewable generation and distributed resources”.  

The two organisations commit to explore joint activities in the fields of best practice exchange and promotion, regulatory and political aspects of grid infrastructure and its development, the TYNDP process and the PCI selection process.

 “2016 is an important year for the European power system. The sixth edition of the Ten-Year Network Development Plan will be released in June in Copenhagen at the second European Infrastructure Forum. Both ENTSO-E and RGI support legislative reforms that help create a power market and system that efficiently supports the decarbonisation of the economy”, added Konstantin Staschus, Secretary-General of ENTSO-E.

Even with more energy efficiency, smarter grids, a more active demand side, storage and decentralised generation, the reinforcement and development of the current power grid in Europe will be necessary for the energy transition. Both RGI and ENTSO-E want this grid development to have the least possible impact on nature and local communities. The sharing of expertise and support between RGI and ENTSO-E will thus positively influence the electricity sector.

Theresa Schneider
Senior Manager–Communication

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