The Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature welcomes two new Members: Statnett and RWE

OCEaN - North and Baltic Seas is proud to welcome two new Members: Statnett, Norway's transmission system operator, and RWE, an international renewable energy company with over 20 years of experience in offshore wind.

OCEaN - North and Baltic Seas is proud to welcome two new Members: Statnett and RWE! Statnett is Norways's transmission system operator and is owned by the Norwegian state through the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. RWE is an international renewable energy company with over 20 years of experience in offshore wind.

As Norway's transmission system operator, Statnett's mission is to secure power supply through operations, monitoring and preparedness and facilitate the realisation of Norway's climate objectives. They play a key role in the green transition in Norway by facilitating electrification and contributing to the goal of zero emissions by 2050. Find out about existing and planned projects on Statnett's website.

RWE is a leading company in the field of renewable energy and is committed to the success of the energy transition and the decarbonisation of the energy system, with plans to decarbonise their business in line with the 1.5-degree reduction pathway, be net-zero by 2040, and phase out coal by 2030. RWE's work on offshore wind covers the entire value chain from project development to construction, as well as operation and maintenance. With more than 20 years in the offshore wind industry, RWE now has 19 offshore wind farms in operation in five European countries and aims to triple its global offshore wind capacity from 3.3 GW today to 10 GW in 2030. Learn more about their offshore projects on RWE's website.

Mai Lawson Oldgard, Statnett's SVP Sustainability, on joining OCEaN:

"Statnett sees great value in joining OCEaN, the leading European forum for sustainable development of offshore grids and energy. As a member of RGI, and being the system operator and planning authority for the offshore grid in Norway, Statnett appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with OCEaN members to achieve the speed and scale needed in the offshore grid development whilst respecting communities and protecting nature."

Sven Utermöhlen, CEO RWE Offshore Wind, on joining OCEaN:

"Our world is facing two environmental crises that are intrinsically linked: biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation are accelerating climate change, while at the same time climate change itself is increasing the stresses on our natural systems and biodiversity. To tackle these together, the acceleration of renewable energy production is of utmost importance – but in an environmentally friendly manner. As a global leading player in offshore wind, we are fully aware of the responsibility that comes with ensuring an effective balance. And we know that a healthy coexistence of renewable energy production and nature requires a coordinated effort, like emphasising the importance of conducting site-specific EIAs to ensure an environmentally sound expansion of offshore wind. I am therefore very pleased that RWE has become a full member of OCEaN. This is a great opportunity for RWE, both to contribute our knowledge and expertise and to learn from others, paving the best way forward, together."

OCEaN - North and Baltic Seas warmly welcomes Statnett and RWE and looks forward to collaborating on their shared goal of accelerating offshore wind and grid infrastructure in a manner which protects and restores marine ecosystems.


Charlotte Mueller
Manager - Communication

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