Thank you all for an exciting first week of December – inspiring input, discussions, and conversations in Brussels and Berlin

We are very happy that our events on 4 and 5 December attracted wide interest. The focus of the 3rd European Grid Conference was an exchange of good practices and lessons learned in grid development between Europe and the United States, or more specifically, the state of California. The American ‘sunshine state’ is a pioneer in sustainable energy policy and cooperative grid planning processes, whereas the EU has its own ambitious climate targets. The conference offered insight and innovative approaches from both sides of the Atlantic – in terms of technology, market, policy and society.

At the event “Energiewende made in the USA”, discussions focused on lessons from California for the German Energiewende. California’s goal of having renewable energy make up 33 percent of the power mix by 2020 is ambitious, as similarly seen in Germany. The exchange of experiences on what has worked well in the past and what needs further efforts, was lively and enriching. 

All presentations and additional information can be found on the event pages: 3rd European Grid Conference and Energiewende made in the USA.

We thank all the participants and contributors for their insight and wish everyone a peaceful and relaxing end of the year!

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