RGI welcomes new Member TransnetBW

RGI warmly welcomes its newest Member TransnetBW. TransnetBW operates the transmission system network in the South-West of Germany and is responsible for around 3.200 kilometres of the 380/220-kV power circuit.

About TransnetBW:

TransnetBW GmbH operates the transmission network in Baden-Württemberg. Its legal task is to guarantee system security at all times. TransnetBW monitors and continually operates the electricity flows within Baden-Württemberg as well as the electricity exchange with neighbouring distribution and transmission network operators. The company is the owner of the transmission network infrastructure and is responsible for maintenance and the development of the network in line with requirements. The 380/220-kV power circuit owned by TransnetBW is about 3,200 kilometres long and provides an area of 34,600 km². The transmission network is available to all players in the electricity market without discrimination and at fair and transparent conditions. With around 600 employees in the future, TransnetBW will achieve an annual turnover in excess of six billion Euros.

Stefan Zeltner, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Energy Policy:

"The integration of renewables is key for reaching our ambitious climate and energy policy targets. If we can't build the necessary infrastructure, and foremost the electricity grid, we will fail - with tremendous consequences for Europe and its citizens. This we cannot allow to happen. The necessary grid extension involves many stakeholders, amongst them various civil society groups. They play a pivotal role in the dialogue that we see necessary when planning and building the transmission grid. We are part of RGI to intensify our interactions with NGOs, learn from experiences made in nature protection when building grids and jointly find solutions to avoid, mitigate and compensate the impacts that grid infrastructure may have. We also appreciate the opportunity to work together on developing a compelling narrative, for more RES, more electrification and the role of grids in the decarbonisation process."

We welcome TransnetBW to the RGI family and look forward to our collaboration!

Johanna Meier
Manager - Energy Ecosystems

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