RGI welcomes new Member: Ember

RGI warmly welcomes our newest Member, Ember - an independent think tank that promotes energy transition to clean electricity through data-driven insights.

Joining as a new RGI member, Ember is an independent energy think tank that uses data-driven insights to shift the world from coal to clean electricity. Through collecting and analysing data on the global power sector and its impact on climate, they promote a shift towards high-impact policies, empowering other advocates to do the same.

Founded in 2008, Ember started as Sandbag – a climate campaign to enable citizens to purchase and remove surplus carbon allowances from the EU Emissions Trading System. Within this process, they noticed that changes in policy would be needed to deal with bigger amounts of surpluses, shifting Ember’s goals to promote data-driven policy advocacy and to address systematic issues.

Since 2020, the institution rebranded as Ember and decided to move their scope and geographical focus to promote a data-driven global effort to accelerate the energy transition. Apart from data on different energy sources, they provide worldwide insights with analysis and policy recommendations on energy.

Charles Moore, Head of Policy, on Ember joining RGI:

“Grid bottlenecks are emerging as a major challenge in the energy transition, already slowing down the expansion of wind and solar power in multiple European countries. Ember’s mission in Europe is to secure a clean power sector by 2035. We will need to integrate much more wind and solar with the grid infrastructure—and in a way that aligns with environmental and social concerns. We are very excited to collaborate on these topics with the existing RGI members, and bring our unique data-driven approach to the table. I am confident that together we can secure a swift transition from fossil fuels to clean electricity.”

We welcome Ember to the RGI family and look forward to a fruitful collaboration!


Nathália Pimentel
Manager - Communication

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t: +49 30 2332 11035

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