RGI supports ‘Political Declaration on Energy Cooperation between the North Seas Countries’ and asks for strong civil society involvement

Today, the Energy Ministers of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, and Norway as well as the European Commission on behalf of the European Union have signed the “Political Declaration on Energy Cooperation between the North Seas Countries” at the Energy Council in Luxembourg. RGI is welcoming this initiative as well as the work programme foreseen therein and is asking for a strong involvement of civil society, e.g. by means of a shadow (informal) advisory committee.

Offshore development can only be successful if all stakeholders are properly and sufficiently involved. Environmental protection as well as the needs and wants of often competing interest groups demand a strong base of interaction strictly linked to firstly the permitting process and later the implementation of projects.

RGI is ready to support the process that the declaration aims to initiate and prepared to explore how offshore development can become an opportunity for local communities, local stakeholders as well as for the protection of the environment.

Antonella Battaglini, CEO of RGI comments: “We have seen industrial initiatives struggling over and over again due to a lack of public support. The offshore environment is not different, on the contrary: our knowledge about cumulative environmental impacts as well as citizens’ concerns is limited. Let’s all work together to make this new initiative meaningful.” 

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