RGI Statement on the Action Plan for Grids

The Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) welcomes the announcement of the Action Plan for Grids. To enhance the plan’s effectiveness, we propose a holistic approach and key considerations to be taken into account by the European Commission.

RGI is pleased to see that the need for electricity grid infrastructure is gaining momentum at both, the EU and global level. There is a broad consensus on the need to scale up the deployment of electricity grids at all voltage levels, to sustain and enable the pace and magnitude of investments in generation and storage assets for renewables across the EU. Electricity grids enable electrification as well as renewables and market integration, thus putting Europe on track towards a timely and cost-efficient energy transition and allowing societies and industries to leverage its multifold benefits.

We strongly believe that tackling the intertwined climate, energy and biodiversity crises and ensuring independence, competitiveness and affordability necessitates the European Union to:

  • Embed system-level efficiency in energy system planning and optimise by prioritising direct renewables-based electrification of end-users as the most cost- and resource-efficient way to decarbonise the EU economy and societies.

  • Introduce a target of at least 35% direct electrification of final energy use across the EU by 2030 and an intermediate direct electrification target for 2040.

  • Anticipate investments in electricity grids to enable the accelerated development of renewable energy sources.

  • Adapt mandates, policy frameworks, funding mechanisms and expenditures to reflect the urgency and the need for a holistic approach to decarbonisation.

  • Increase the capacities of national permitting authorities.

  • Develop convincing narratives at the Member State level to enhance trust, public acceptance and ownership of the energy transition by citizens.

  • Engage with stakeholders, including citizens and NGOs, throughout the phases of electricity grid development in a regular, timely and meaningful manner.

  • Improve measures to mitigate the impacts of electricity grid deployment on local communities and provide tangible benefits that reflect their needs.

  • Inform decision-making through robust and holistic spatial planning that leverages local knowledge and encompasses technical, environmental and societal considerations.

  • Consider renewable energy generation and electricity grid infrastructure jointly, and in harmony with nature protection and restoration.

  • Develop electricity infrastructure in a way that provides net-positive benefits on nature.

  • Support effective implementation by promoting best practices and incorporating comprehensive assessment criteria and benchmarks in reporting and monitoring frameworks.

For a more detailed overview of RGI’s asks on the upcoming Action Plan for Grids, please download the full statement below.

Statement on the Action Plan for Grids


Stephanie Bätjer
Director - Communication

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Alexandros Fakas Kakouris
Senior Manager - Energy and Policy Systems

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