RGI responds to European Commission consultation on the Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy

In our response to the Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy consultation, we ask that a holistic energy system approach be adopted for offshore planning expansion.

Developments in offshore renewables (ORE) will play a key role in realising a climate neutral economy and succeeding in the renewable electrification process. The planning of offshore energy expansion should entail an energy system approach which considers technological innovation, sector needs, optimisation opportunities and nature protection. Collaboration across borders, sectors, technologies and stakeholder groups is needed to facilitate the development of innovative and sustainable solutions from the planning stage onwards.

Our input to the European Commission's consultation on the Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy is based on our the diverse experiences and knowledge of our Members, as well as RGI's engagement with marine stakeholders.

Our response focusses on the following elements, which translate into concrete recommendations for the Europen Commission:

·      Ensure coherence and consistency

·      Plan with an energy system approach

·      Plan with an ecosystem approach

·      Deliver technological harmonisation

·      Ensure circularity

·      Foster collaborations and participation

Our responses to the consultation and a detailed explanation on the above mentioned points can be downloaded through the below link. In case of any questions, please get in touch with cristina@renewables-grid.eu.


Cristina Simioli
Programme Manager - Offshore Energy and Nature

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t: +49 30 7677 194533

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