RGI launches two new publications at the Energy Infrastructure Forum: "Enabling a renewables-based electricity system" and Annual Report

At the second day of the Energy Infrastructure Forum in Copenhagen, RGI has launched two new publications. "Enabling a renewables-based electricity system" features conclusions from the exchange on future scenarios. The Annual Report gives an overview of RGI highlights 2017.

The paper "Enabling a renewables-based electricity system" includes key issues which must be addressed if the electricity systems of Europe are to successfully and sustainably be based on renewables. These issues represent the main conclusions of RGI’s “Future scenario exchange” workshop series. In these workshops, a mixed group of stakeholders examined a number of future energy scenario and modelling studies for different countries of Europe. Participants assessed the studies assumptions and their conclusions, with a special focus on understanding what will be required to enable a future system which is based on renewables. From this process, a necessary direction was concluded. The work is part of our activities on the need for grids in a system based on renewables

In the 2017 Annual Report,  you can read about RGI’s activities on the future electricity system, our new programme “Implementing RGI Declarations”, in which the successful European collaboration between TSOs and NGOs is transferred into more national and local projects, and our ‘Good Practice of the Year’ award whose fifth round we have finalised just yesterda, among others. 

Cristina Simioli
Director - Offshore Energy and Nature

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Theresa Schneider
Senior Manager–Communication

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