RGI is hiring: we have six new positions to fill

Starting as soon as possible, we will add a new set of activities. For this purpose, we are recruiting six new team members.







We are looking for: 

  1. Finance Manager to replace a vacant position 
  2. Project Manager Environment for activities related to protecting/enhancing nature when developing new electricity project infrastructure
  3. Project Manager Marine Environment for activities related to the marine environment and offshore expansion
  4. Project Manager ‘Grid Planning for the Energy Transition’ to further expand our activities related to the “Need for Grids in a fast changing electricity environment where technologies, distributed resources and climate policies all impact the planning for grid infrastructure”
  5. Project Manager ‘Renewables and Grid Development in Italy’ to implement collaborative activities in the sphere of network planning and grid development
  6. Fundraising Support

Please visit our job page for more information and detailed job postings. 

Sylvia Kessler
Office Administrator

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