RGI-Greece event ‘Bird protection around the grid – for nature protection and system security’

RGI collaborates with HOS (BirdLife Greece) to share European experiences with Greek stakeholders on managing bird protection around the electricity grid.

In early December, RGI worked with the Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS) to organise a webinar for the Greek transmission system operator - IPTO - distribution system operator, HEDNO, and the National Environment and Climate Change Agency (NECCA). The goal of the webinar was to explore the intricate balance between grid infrastructure and bird protection and share experiences from several EU Member States regarding mitigation measures, planning, and policy.

In the half-day event, speakers from Greece, Germany, Belgium and Bulgaria exchanged their experiences on, for example, the technical requirements of bird flight diverters, sensitivity mapping and national guidelines. In the discussions, participants agreed that taking steps to ensure bird protection along the grid is indispensable, not only as it affects biodiversity protection goals, but also network reliability and public perception of grid infrastructure. You can find all information on the speakers in the below agenda.

RGI is glad to collaborate with colleagues in Greece and supports their commitment towards a nature-friendly electricity grid.

Find all presentations and recordings held at the event below, and in case of questions contact Liam Innis, Manager - Energy Ecosystems.



Bird flight diverters on the transmission grid - Lars Haarhof, Amprion

Collaboration for better bird protection around the grid in Belgium - Frédéric Dunon, Elia

Practical solutions for bird mortality around power lines - Marek Gális, Raptor Protection Slovakia

Risk analysis of power lines in Belgium to map bird collision-prone spans - Dominique Verbelen, Natuurpunt

Bird mortality in Greece - Nikos Tsiopelas, Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS)

Protected areas in Greece and the legal framework - Sylvia Zakkak, NECCA

Guidance to developing national avifauna-powerline guidelines - Nikos Tsiopelas, HOS

Solutions & Implementation issues - Liam Innis, RGI

The Bird Portal - TSO-NGO collaboration for bird protection around power lines - Liam Innis, RGI

SafeLines4Birds - Reducing bird mortality caused by powerlines - Manon Quetstroey, RGI

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