RGI calls for a sustainable stimulus plan around the Green Deal in the design of the European Recovery and Reconstruction Package

RGI has drafted a statement about the need to have the European Recovery and Reconstruction Package aligned with agreed political objectives, most notably the European Green Deal, and shared it with policymakers.

We are calling for the creation of new opportunities and benefits for the economy, the environment, the climate and European citizens. To that end, we make concrete suggestions on what is needed in the stimulus package with regard to European investment in renewables, the necessary grid, flexibility measures in our energy system and the creation of new job opportunities.

They include that...

  • ...European financial schemes including seed funding and access to standardised low rate capital should be made available for communities investing in the energy transition across Europe.
  • ...a collaborative, integrated spatial planning process on land and at sea should be created to identify best sites for the expansion of grids and RES infrastructure with the least environmental, landscape and social impacts.
  • ...critical technology supply chains should be part of Europe's resilient industrial strategy and investment in the creation of expertise for realising the energy transition should be accelerated.
  • ...societal investment needs and the cost of the energy transition should be handled more transparently.

You can download the full statement below.


Cristina Simioli
Programme Manager - Offshore Energy and Nature

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