RGI brings European delegation to fascinating energy regions in the US - Energy experts visit energy transition frontrunners New York and California on renewables expansion and integration

New York City – Today, a European delegation of energy experts is starting an exciting week full of discussions with their US counterparts in New York City, Sacramento, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The goal of the trip is to exchange best practices to improve the reliability of an electricity system based on renewables, to reduce costs and to channel finances to the energy transition.

New York State and California are the leading states of the American energy transition. At the same time, their energy sectors need to provide power for the country’s biggest cities. Still, they have set ambitious targets for the expansion of renewables, reduction of CO2 emissions and energy efficiency by 2030. RGI is looking forward to learning more about their different approaches to reach these targets. How do they value decentralised generation sources? What new business models exist for established actors? How can the energy sector benefit from enhanced collaboration with ICT companies? These are only a few of the questions that the delegation will pose to their discussion partners. 

The tour includes meetings with leading environmental groups, such as the Natural Resources Defense Coucil (NRDC), The Nature Conservancy, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT); a visit at the Tesla Factory in Fremont; and discussions with main decision-making bodies, such as the New York Public Service Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission, the utilities ConEdison and PG&E and grid operators National Grid and California ISO. 

RGI’s CEO Antonella Battaglini says: “Our energy system is currently going through fundamental changes. Since we are all entering new territory, it is all the more important that frontrunners constantly exchange knowledge and share experiences to learn from each other. Our continuous work with successful energy regions in transition supports pioneers and shows that change is possible and already happening.” 

Luigi Michi, CEO of Terna Plus and one of the participants, adds: "After decades of static and steady state experience, in this new and somehow exciting context, each of us can now experience his own learning curve while benefiting from the outcomes and the lesson learnt of the others."

The trip is the follow-up of a delegation tour to California that RGI organised in October last year. 

Theresa Schneider
Senior Manager–Communication

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