Read about RGI's highlights of last year in our 2015 Annual Report and find out about key environmental issues associated with subsea cable deployment in our Offshore Report

2015 has been an important year both for the energy sector and for RGI.

We strengthened ties with old friends by collaborating with ENTSO-E for our 5th European Grid Conference and 2nd Good Practice Award Ceremony; we explored new territory and gained new friends during a trip to California that we organised for a high-level delegation from Europe; we finished some of our projects, like BESTGRID, and tapped into new fields, like the digitalisation of the electricity sector.

You can read all about these and further 2015 RGI activities in our brand new Annual Report.  

In addition, we are publishing our first Offshore report today. In autumn 2015, RGI commissioned the company NIRAS Consulting to undertake a review on key environmental issues associated with subsea cable deployment. It identifies possible knowledge gaps, such as the effects of electromagnetic fields and thermal radiation, and recommends a set of options and actions for subsea cable stakeholders to take forward. The review was done by means of a literature overview and testimonials of key representatives from the industry, relevant stakeholders and marine environment specialists.  

To find out more and download the report, follow this link.

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