Dedicated Project Database on Underground Cables in Europe online - start searching now!

As a first result of the Learning Group Underground Cables, RGI is very happy to announce that its dedicated Project Database is online now.

The Project Database provides a comprehensive overview of planned and operational high voltage undergrounding projects in Europe. Projects are listed with technical and geographical background information, such as cable type, insulation material, cable manufacturers and length. Furthermore, an interactive map shows the project’s location and its start and end point. We will include more and more projects to the database and will keep it updated, so that it will remain an interesting information pool for industry, academia, policy-makers, and other stakeholders interested in the current status of underground cabling projects in Europe.

The Learning Group on Cabling intends to systematically pull together available experience on cables and their impact on the natural environment. At a later stage, the Learning Group aims to: determine how to evaluate the options of overhead lines vs. cables in specific natural settings; give recommendations on relevant criteria to look into; explain the choice of cables vs. overhead-lines to a concerned public.

Like to have a look right now? Click here.