New publication “European Grid Perspectives” explores the future of the European power grid and the roles of its operators

How do system operators see the future? RGI talked to many of them and summarised their collective answers in the new brochure “European Grid Perspectives”.

The transformation of the European power system to one based on renewables is necessary if we are going to halt climate change. This will require a shift in how the electricity grids, the backbone of the power system, are developed and operated. To help understand what this future could look like, RGI collected the personal perspectives of senior managers from European electricity grid operators, discussing topics from technology and regulation, to future roles and responsibilities.

In the last year, RGI interviewed 22 system operator senior executives (16 TSOs and 6 DSOs) from 16 different European countries to understand their perspectives on the most pressing topics facing the power sector. Their insights and a summary of the drivers of change are now available for download as our "European Grid Perspectives".