Looking forward to fruitful discussions: Antonella appointed member of Commission expert group on electricity interconnection targets

The Renewables Grid Initiative is honoured to announce that the Director-General for Energy, Dominique Ristori, appointed our CEO Antonella Battaglini as member of the expert group on electricity interconnection targets. One of the group's task will be to propose solutions to the European Commission to overcome bottlenecks for the 15% interconnection target, related in particular to the financing of projects and the permit granting procedures.

 On 9 March 2016, the European Commission decided to set up the group in order to support the  target of achieving interconnection of at least 10 % of the Member States' installed electricity production by 2020. Furthermore, the Commission has proposed to extend the to 15% by 2030 and seeks for advice on how to break this down into regional, country and/or border interconnection targets. 

RGI shares the Commission's opinion that "interconnecting isolated national electric power systems and building a truly European Electrical System will bring a number of important benefits", including increased security of supply and a better integration of increasing levels of variable renewables.

We hope for insightful and fruitful discussions of a diverse group and the development of innovative and forward-thinking approaches that will support the build-up of a modern grid infrastructure needed for the energy transition. 

The group will have its inaugural meeting in October. 

Theresa Schneider
Senior Manager–Communication

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