Launch of two new 'Need for Grids' videos in five European languages

We are proud to launch two new videos in the 'Need for Grids' series: 'Why do we need the electric grid?' and 'Offshore wind energy infrastructure and biodiversity' in five different languages! Each video provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of the main aspects of a particular grid-related topic. We hope that these will serve as useful educational tools for TSOs and NGOs engaging with the public.

Video material can be a powerful tool to reframe complex topics and provide an engaging source of information, which is widely-accessible to specialist and non-specialist audiences alike. With this in mind, in 2020 RGI produced these first two videos on 'Grids and the Environment' and 'Electrification and Flexibility'. One year later, with the support of Members from across Europe, we translated the first two videos in the 'Need for Grids' series, into German, Italian and French.

Following the successful reception of these videos, we are delighted to launch two new videos as part of this series: 'Why do we need an electric grid?' and 'Offshore wind energy infrastructure and biodiversity'. Both videos are available in 5 languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

You can find the English and German language version of the videos below, but to see all videos in all languages, head to the video section of the Learning Corner here.

We hope that these videos will serve as useful communication materials for RGI Members and other stakeholders active or interested in the energy system. If you wish to use them for communication or education purposes or share them on your social media channels, please do not hesitate to do so. Should you have any questions, please get in touch.

Why do we need electricity grids? (EN)

Offshore wind energy infrastructure and biodiversity (EN)

Warum wir das Stromnetz brauchen? (deutsche Version)

Offshore-Windkraftinfrastruktur und Biodiversität (deutsche Version)


Eston McKeague
Junior Manager - Communication

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