Industry and Civil Society Speak Out in Support of Electricity Grid Expansion

Broad coalition of electricity industry and environmental and climate civil society agree that incoming European policymakers must prioritise grids.

The European electricity grid, and the transformation and expansion of this grid, are essential for the prosperity and growth of the European economy. European energy industry representatives, grid operators, and civil society actors have joined forces to raise a unified voice for accelerated grid development in support of Europe’s energy transition, energy security, and economic growth.

CEOs and senior managers across Europe are joined in their message to policymakers: “#GridsEmpower Europe. It is time for us to empower grids.” Electricity grids empower our lives, industries, communities, and energy security. Accelerating grid development across EU Member States is a collaborative effort involving policymakers, national and local authorities, industry, local communities, and civil society.

In response to the interests of Member States, the outgoing European Commission reaffirmed the relevance of accelerated grid deployment and related needs in the Action Plan for Grids. As new leadership arrives in Brussels, Europe must continue to collaborate on an expanded grid, while in parallel maximising flexibility in the system and utilising cross-sector partnerships to develop standards for fair, cost-effective, and nature-friendly energy transition.

“Europe has the technological know-how needed to expand its grids. Our industry is investing boldly into strengthening this expertise, increasing our manufacturing capacity, and creating more lasting, green jobs. European countries must collaborate to support grid upgrades and expansion, using our home-grown cable manufacturing expertise to connect Europe, boost our industries, and drive our innovation.” 
– Dr. Volker Wendt, Secretary-General of Europacable, the association of Europe’s cable manufacturing industry.

"An enlarged European grid, which is connected across Member States, delivers factories and business with the opportunity to transit towards a fully decarbonised system. This is essential. Without electricity grids, we will risk deindustrialisation across Europe."  
– Antonella Battaglini, CEO of the Renewables Grid Initiative, a coalition of European civil society and transmission system operators.

“A robust electricity grid is the cornerstone of Europe’s renewable evolution. It is essential for keeping Europe’s energy supply secure, reliable, and cost effective. Grid upgrades and expansion will ensure security for every EU Member State and the EU.” 
– Jochen Kreusel, President of T&D Europe, the association of Europe’s grid technology providers.

Under #GridsEmpower, RGI coordinated a diverse coalition of NGOs, TSOs, and electricity industry actors to create short video statements for social media. Each video touches on a key benefit that electricity grids provide for Europeans, our economies, and our shared future. Together, these videos form a cohesive message that grids are key for the future of Europe.


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