Grid operators and green groups united in calling for ambitious and binding 2030 renewables targets

Today, the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI), a unique coalition of NGOs and electricity grid operators (TSOs), issued a statement supporting a 2030 climate and energy policy framework with clear, ambitious objectives for the development of renewables.

In March, the European heads of state and government will discuss the EU 2030 climate and energy policy framework. RGI calls on the European Council to agree in a timely manner on an ambitious and coherent set of binding targets for 2030 for (i) greenhouse gas emissions reductions, (ii) energy efficiency and (iii) renewable energy. The related needs for grid development and system security must be carefully considered when designing supporting mechanisms and policies.  

“Industry and civil society have come to a common understanding of what is urgently needed now”, said Antonella Battaglini, Executive Director of RGI. “The build up of grid infrastructure is intrinsically connected with the uptake of renewable energy. Robust 2030 targets will bring clarity for investors and confidence among local communities.”  

Grid planning is a long-term exercise. Only clear political targets for 2030 will give us the confidence to plan and build the grid infrastructure now that is indispensible for the transition towards a fully decarbonised and sustainable energy economy.

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