German grid operators and environmental groups jointly support reform plans in open letter to German Minister for Economic Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel

For a successful energy transition, and to achieve the CO2 reduction targets set for 2020, it is important that policy objectives are met reliably. Only in this way can all market participants adapt to the transformation and its consequences. The German transmission system operators TenneT and 50Hertz and the environmental groups Germanwatch, WWF and NABU, who work together in the Renewables Grid Initiative, welcome Minister Gabriel's efforts to create the framework to achieve these political goals.

Network operators in Germany have shown most recently during the partial solar eclipse on 20 March that they are able to manage the network with high power supply from renewable energy efficiently and successfully – in particular with the help of market instruments. March 20 provides further confidence in the ability to safely integrate an increasing share of renewable energy into the electricity grid.

To maintain high system stability in Germany and move the energy transition forward consistently, new power lines are needed. The exact requirement has to be defined in a transparent way and in close consultation with citizens and civil society, and be planned to be as environmentally sensitive as possible.

We welcome the advances made because they intend to bring clarity to future developments and give direction. We therefore call on the federal government to continue on the chosen path and to take all necessary measures to lead the Energiewende to success.


Antonella Battaglini
Executive Director Renewables Grid Initiative

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