Europacable joins RGI as first Supporting Member

Europacable, the association of Europe’s leading wire and cable manufacturer, joined the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) in January 2021. RGI Members welcomed them unanimously as the first Supporting Member at last year’s Member’s Assembly.

Europacable Members produce underground and submarine cables for all voltage levels, making them an incredibly valuable contributor to the decarbonisation efforts of Europe. RGI and Europacable have successfully collaborated in the past, most notably on our Partial Undergrounding Discussion Paper, and we are excited to continue this rewarding relationship, particularly with a view to our intensified work on the offshore environment.

RGI has recently started to work on creating a larger ecosystem of actors with the intention to identify necessary actions and solutions across the European energy system to reach ambitious European climate and energy targets. RGI CEO, Antonella Battaglini says,  “The need to accelerate deployment and integration of variable renewable energy sources in the European energy system requires all actors to actively participate in designing and implementing the steps that will guarantee energy security, environmental protection, affordability and fairness of the energy transition. I am therefore particularly excited to welcome Europacable as our first Supporting Member. They have been active and appreciated contributors to RGI’s work for a long time, and I now look forward to a more regular and structured relationship as well as Europacable’s input in understanding the complementarity of technologies and how to best optimise all resources in a sustainable way”.

“RGI is a key voice in developing a holistic approach to renewable integration in Europe. We need a sound strategy how we connect the centers of generation and consumption: Electricity grids should not become a bottleneck for scaling up renewable energy sources. Submarine and underground cable technologies are pivotal to empower renewable based electrification. Through Europacable, Europe’s leading cable manufacturers have been working with RGI for many years. We are proud that our partnership is now formalised and we are fully committed to offer our technical expertise to connect Europe in a sustainable manner” highlights Dr. Volker Wendt, Europacable Secretary-General.

As a Supporting Member, Europacable will be involved in RGI work streams and add valuable knowledge to our discussions and perspectives for the near future.  

Welcoming Europacable after eleven years of operation opens up a new chapter for RGI and sets us off on our path to dynamically engage with all committed relevant energy actors. We hope that many more partners from our ecosystem will follow Europacable and fill RGI’s Supporting Member ranks in the coming months and years.

Antonella Battaglini & Volker Wendt in conversation

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Stephanie Bätjer
Senior Manager – Communication

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