‘Energy Regions in Transition’: Report on September 2016 tour to US now online

RGI and a number of energy experts from across Europe travelled to New York and California in September of 2016 to learn about the American take on the energy transition. We have now published a report that allows you to find what our discussion across the pond centered around.

A very regular exchange with the energy community in California in particular and the United States overall led to RGI creating its work stream ‘Energy Regions in Transition’ in 2015. It aims at bringing together energy experts from countries that are currently going through or preparing for an energy transition. Under this banner, RGI organised a learning journey to America for the second time in 2016, this time with an agenda spanning both New York and California, the leading states of the American energy transition. A report detailing the discussions we had with the New York Public Service Commission, ConEdison, National Grid, the Nature Conservancy, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, CAISO, Tesla and many others, is now available on our website. Click here download it and find out more ‘Energy Regions in Transition’.


Stephanie Bätjer
Director - Communication

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