Best Practice Update: get an overview of new practices in 2013 in our European Grid Report Update

In 2012, the Renewables Grid Initiative had initiated a project on best practices. On-going grid development projects have been examined in order to identify the most urgent challenges, the most promising attempts in finding solutions, and the lessons learned for future action. The European Grid Report summarises these findings showing the current state of the art in harmonising grid expansion with environmental protection principles and improving public participation in planning procedures.

In December, RGI published an update, which complements the findings of the European Grid Report on what has been attempted, what works and what needs further reviewing when it comes to grid planning and permitting procedures.

The update covers on-going activities and relevant experiences of RGI's TSO members. As in the 2012 report, it focuses on the need determination, spatial planning and permitting processes of grid development projects. Both the European Grid Report and its 2013 update are available for download here. Moreover, all positive examples are included in our database where you can easily search for information that you are looking for.

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