Future Scenario Exchange Conclusions

The below paper "Enabling a renewables-based electricity system" represents the main conclusions of RGI’s “Future scenario exchange” workshop series. In these workshops, a mixed group of stakeholders examine a number of future energy scenario and modelling studies for different countries of Europe. The work is part of our activities on the need for grids and the paper is a working document. If your organisation wishes to support these messages, please contact us.

"Enabling a renewables-based electricity system"

At Energy Infrastructure Forum 2018, RGI launched the paper "Enabling a renewables-based electricity system", which includes key issues that must be addressed if the electricity systems of Europe are to successfully and sustainably be based on renewables. One example that the paper looks at is the question whether we still need new transmission lines in a future where many of us are “prosumers”.


Craig Morris
Senior Manager Energy Systems

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