Joint field trips to show NGOs and authorities their environmental work






50Hertz organised a one-day site visit of its ecological corridor management pilot project in the forests of Thuringia.



  • 50Hertz organised a one-day field trip to an aisle management pilot project in Thuringia, Germany
  • Participants included Birdlife Germany, forest authorities and the Ministry of Environment
  • They showed new cutting methods based on a study conducted in 2008
  • The trip helped to create understanding, to combine the expertise of the different stakeholders and to enhance their relationship


Main information:

A variety of stakeholders participated in the visit, ranging from BirdLife Germany to public authorities in charge of the forest, or the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Based on the study of 2008, the pilot project is part of 50Hertz’s new approach to improving the sustainability and environmental impact of existing transmission grid infrastructures. With the new trimming methods, trees are maintained up to a certain height at a safe distance from the cables, allowing ecosystems to develop below and around the lines. These new steps were met favourably by the participants, who acknowledged the improvement in preserving the natural diversity and balance in those areas.