50Herz: Newspaper supplements






In the past year, 50Hertz has had good experiences with their information flyers that they had inserted into local newspapers. These flyers are meant to introduce specific aspects of grid projects and provide the public with topical information. Different surveys commissioned by 50Hertz have shown that people living in areas where new power lines are being planned, receive their major source of information from local newspapers. This information tool, that they have designed to meet this information need, normally consists of a variety of newspaper inserts, each one covering one aspect of the project, that are dispersed over the course of a few weeks, before the application documents for the new line are being displayed to the public for their consultation. The 4-page brochures include some general information on the project, but also details on the technology, health issues, environmental aspects or route design. They also provide contact details for further information.

A poll conducted after dissemination showed that many people had learned about the project via these brochures or articles in the local newspaper.