Workshop - "The Role of Grid Infrastructure in Delivering the Objectives of the National Energy and Climate Plans"

Defining and implementing the NECPs requires coordinated and timely action at national as well as European levels. For this, it is vital that relevant stakeholders from policy, industry and civil society come together to exchange in a transparent and constructive way on the challenges ahead. The workshop will therefore serve to facilitate discussions on how grid infrastructure can support the national decarbonisation plans and what approaches and technological innovation are required for a timely, sustainable and affordable energy transition.

Webinar - Digitisation in the electricity sector: Behind the buzzword

The Renewables Grid Initiative is happy to offer a training session webinar for NGOs on digitisation in the electricity sector and how it can help enable our transition to a decarbonised electricity system. With presentations from those working practically with the technology on the ground, this session will help us to get behind the buzzwords.