The Renewables Grid Initiative is a unique collaboration of environmental NGOs and transmission system operators from across Europe.

We promote transparent, environmentally sensitive grid development to enable the further steady growth of renewable energy and the energy transition.

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Workshop - "The need for a Climate Neutral Integrated System Package for Energy - The role of grids in enabling an interconnected, distributed, renewables-based European energy system"

Expanding the grid to connect renewable energy sources (RES) to consumers and to facilitate the use of RES across Europe is an essential and efficient way to decarbonise the economy. However, a RES based energy system will need more than grids to provide the required system flexibility. In our workshop, we investigated what elements are needed, with a focus on sector coupling, flexibility options and how to better use infrastructure.

Workshop - "The Role of Grid Infrastructure in Delivering the Objectives of the National Energy and Climate Plans"

Defining and implementing the NECPs requires coordinated and timely action at national as well as European levels. For this, it is vital that relevant stakeholders from policy, industry and civil society come together to exchange in a transparent and constructive way on the challenges ahead. The workshop will therefore serve to facilitate discussions on how grid infrastructure can support the national decarbonisation plans and what approaches and technological innovation are required for a timely, sustainable and affordable energy transition.


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We deal with a multitude of topics related to the electricity grid. Find some of our most current ones below. Take a look at our topics site for a full overview of the topics we work on. 

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Are you facing a challenge regarding grid development and its environmental impacts, stakeholder engagement or technological and design decisions? Browse our best practice database with more than 100 examples and get inspired. 

The 'Good Practice of the Year' award rewards those who dare to think outside the box when it comes to creating the grid for the energy transition. Each year, we invite everyone who develops new technological solutions, tackles innovative grid designs, takes on the question of how grid projects can be met with more societal support, or creates improved nature protection approaches to share their practices via our award competition.