In June 2020, the Renewables Grid Initiative developed the ‘Request to Adapt European Energy Planning Scenarios’, as a clear statement to policymakers that energy planning should work with scenarios that are compatible with the Paris Agreement, the priorities of the European Green Deal and the European Council's decision to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

To date, 51 signatories from across society, including many transmission system operators, have signed the Request and added their names to the growing call.

RGI and the signatories of the Request recognise the vital importance of infrastructure planning for the energy transition and decarbonisation. In acknowledgement of the guiding role of ENTSO-E and ENTSOG's 'Ten Year Network Development Plan' - the only pan-European assessments of energy infrastructure projects - in identifying future Projects of Common Interest (PCIs), our demands focus on the TYNDP.

We request that the EU TYNDP 2022 works with a ‘Paris-compatible’ scenario, which adheres to EU Nature and Climate legislation, Sustainable Development Goals, international equity and a ‘Just Transition’ for all. To gain our support, such a scenario would include:

  • A very high renewable energy share recognising the potential of wind, solar PV as well as of cross-border initiatives
  • A higher degree of electrification than used in the draft TYNDP 2020 scenarios
  • An ambitious and rapid energy and resource efficiency deployment
  • Full recognition of decentralised solutions including demand side flexibility
  • Assessment/quantification of the full impacts of sectors integration, including beyond national borders
  • Limitation to only demonstrated sustainable bioenergy
  • A rigorous consideration of carbon-free technologies based on the most recent innovation roadmaps
  • Balanced stakeholder engagement

The Request signing ceremonies and other events

The Request was originally published within a signing ceremony on 30 June, on the occasion of the launch of the PAC (Paris Agreement Compatible) Scenario, a civil-society led energy scenario, created by CAN (Climate Action Network) Europe and the EBB (European Envirionmental Bureau). The PAC Scenario illustrates the path to:

  • A 65% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030
  • Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040
  • 100% renewables in Europe by 2040 in all sectors

A second signing ceremony will be held on 22 October 2020, during RGI’s virtual workshop: “Europe in Transition: How can we accelerate the shift to an integrated, renewables-based energy system?”.

If you are interested in signing the Request, please get in touch with antina@renewables-grid.eu.

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