Working together to work better

Lavorare insieme per lavorare meglio

During 2018 RGI, along with Terna and Legambiente started a collaboration in order to address three main areas related to the grid development.

First, the team works with the objective of sharing the energy reference scenarios, the assumptions and the reasons behind the planning of the grid infrastructures in order to engage in a constructive discussion with different stakeholders about the energy transition.

Second, the project aims at increasing the transparency behind the project decisions in order to address local communities’ concerns through the elaboration of new proactive and innovative approaches to the dialogue with the territory.

Third, the team works on the identification of possible additional benefits for nature and the citizens to be included in the Cost Benefit Analysis at the planning stage in order to enable these improvement measures at the project level and bring the development of the grid closer to the territorial needs.

Cristina Simioli
Manager – Italy

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t: +49 30 7677 194533