'Good Practice of the Year' award - call for submissions currently open!

The 'Good Practice of the Year' is a prize that RGI annually awards upon recommendation of our jury of experts. Winners are outstanding practices in grid development in the three categories 'Technological Innovation & System Integration', 'Communication & Engagement' and 'Environmental Protection'.

The 6th round of the annual ‘Good practice of the Year’ award is currently open! We are once again looking for exciting new approaches to grid development, be it from a participatory, an environmental or a technical point of view. Deadline for submissions is 8 March.

To keep up with current discussions we have given our categories a small make-over and introduced a new system integration component. We are very eager to find out which practices will enrich the competition this way. To decide whether your practice fits this competition just browse through our information about the award and on how to apply on the left hand side.

Good luck with your submission!


Stephanie Bätjer
Manager – Communication

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