'Good Practice of the Year' Award

The 2017 award winners have been announced at the Energy Infrastructure Forum in Copenhagen on the 1st of June. Find out more about the ceremony and most successful submissions here

About the award

The 'Good Practice of the Year' is a prize awarded annually by the Renewables Grid Initiative upon recommendation of our jury of experts. The winning practice should be innovative and an improvement to the existing practices in its category. The award will hence honour a single exceptional practice, not an entire grid project. However, the minimum criterion for a submitted practice to be considered in this competition is a clear connection to a grid project that is needed for the integration of renewables. European and non European grid operators, project developers, NGOs and public authorities engaged in grid projects are invited to send their submissions and let their most original and successful practice shine.

Submissions compete in these three categories:

Communication & Participation

The award for ”Communication & Participation” rewards dedicated engagement with stakeholders and the broader public. Good practices in this category include for example, innovative forms of citizen dialogues, creative information events, new communication tools, or original compensation measures.

Technology & Design

This category recognises innovative thinking in technology and design. Any practice that has to do with the aesthetics of grid infrastructure or the creation of a smarter energy infrastructure can be submitted. We hope to learn about new tools for renewable energy integration, innovative grid design concepts, or ideas that target the smarter distribution of electricity. Of course those are only some of the many areas your project can be rooted in.

Environmental Protection

This award honours outstanding practices in nature and biodiversity protection. We are looking for success stories or projects with the potential to some day become success stories in the fields of bird/wildlife protection, habitat restoration along grid lines, ecosystem enhancement under overhead lines and many more.


Which cases have previously won?

Find out who the winners of our previous award competions are:

Who selects the winner?

Our jury elects one of the submissions as the “Good Practice of the Year”. Whereas the idea and the evaluation criteria were developed by the RGI secretariat, the evaluation itself solely lies in the hands of this independent jury of experts. The jury members represent actors from the fields of grid development and energy policy. Find out more about them here.

The international audit and advisory company MAZARS also accompanies the process, by providing screening of submissions, evaluating compliances with criteria and supporting jury members in their selection decisions.

Gregg D. Ander
Executive Consultant at the Energy Foundation

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Patrick Devine-Wright
Professor of Human Geography at the University of Exeter

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Jo Leinen
MEP and member of the Party of European Socialists

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Pierre Jean Coulon
Member of the European Economic and Social Committee

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Marie Donnelly
Director for New and Renewable Sources of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Innovation at DG Energy, EC

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Catharina Sikow-Magny
Head of Unit B 1 at DG Energy, European Commission

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Maguelonne Dejeant-Pons
Executive Secretary of the European Landscape Convention

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Baard Eilertsen
Founder of energy utility advisory company Truebase

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Humberto Delgado Rosa
Director for Natural Capital, DG Environment, European Commission

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Michael Hogan
Senior Advisor at The Regulatory Assistance Project

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Urszula Papajak
Junior Project Manager

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