Workshop - "The need for a Climate Neutral Integrated System Package for Energy - The role of grids in enabling an interconnected, distributed, renewables-based European energy system"

Expanding the grid to connect renewable energy sources (RES) to consumers and to facilitate the use of RES across Europe is an essential and efficient way to decarbonise the economy. However, a RES based energy system will need more than grids to provide the required system flexibility. In our workshop, we investigated what elements are needed, with a focus on sector coupling, flexibility options and how to better use infrastructure.

Significant changes are needed to successfully manage and efficiently achieve the energy transition. New flexibility options need to be developed to control frequency and voltage and new technologies are needed to provide long-term energy storage, among others.

A new European legislative package is required to address these needs.

During this workshop, we investigated what are key elements of a forward looking "Climate Neutral Integrated System Legislative Package". The day was made up of key-note speeches, panel discussions, break out sessions and a Best Practice Fair. In particular we  discussed:

• Sector coupling and integration:

It is a fundamental building block of a fully decarbonised future – with electrification playing the most important role. How can a legislative package provide clear rules while leaving flexibility to foster and integrate new technologies when they become available?

• Needed flexibility options and seasonal storage:

What type of flexibility and seasonal storage options do we need today and tomorrow? How do we deliver them?

• Better use of energy infrastructure:

How do we optimise the use and build-up of our energy infrastructure? What are the legislative conditions that enable optimal use of existing infrastructure and support collaborative planning within a system approach?



Key Note Presentation
Marcel Galjee - Director Energy & New Business   Nouryon

Sector Coupling Session | Transport
Geert de Cock - Electricity & Energy Manager | Transport & Environment

Sector Coupling Session - Buildings
Oliver Rapf - Executive Director | Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)

Sector Coupling Session - Renewables
Mercè Labordena - Senior Policy Advisor | SolarPower Europe

Sector Coupling Session - Gas
Anne Boorsma - Director System Development | ENTSOG

Flexibility Session
Luca Marchisio - Head of Strategy & Innovation | Terna

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Stephanie Bätjer
Programme Manager – Communication

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