Workshop - Multi-use in Marine Spatial Planning: Sharing experiences, opportunities, and limitations

At WindEurope's Electric City Event, we will be hosting an in-person workshop on the topic of multi-use in marine spatial planning, featuring panel discussions and expert inputs from diverse stakeholders.

What is multi-use? What is the current policy framework at European level, and how will it develop in coming years? Which steps are needed to further roll out multi-use approaches in the offshore environment? Upon the occasion of WindEurope's Electric City 2021 Event, RGI - as the convenor of the Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature (OCEaN) will host a workshop on the topic.

Offshore renewable energy infrastructure is entering an already busy marine space. Multi-use of space is a concept that has received increasing attention in recent years and in particular in countries with limited sea space.  It is expected to play an important role in upcoming discussion on space allocation for offshore wind expansion. If correctly implemented, multi-use could reduce spatial conflicts among different interests’ groups and optimise the use of limited space.

It is therefore necessary to better understand what the options for multi-use are, develop test cases, and monitor impacts and benefits to increase knowledge and confidence of selected measures. Moreover, there is a need for coherent and clear legal frameworks across EU Member States, specifically regarding environmental and risk assessment, and monitoring activities.

The workshop is open to everyone attending the Electric City event, but as seats are limited to 45, interested people must register. Find the agenda and registration details below, and contact Cristian Passarello in case of questions -



Session one: Multi-use state of plan and policy framework

Welcome and presentation on the Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature (OCEaN)

Antonella Battaglini | CEO, Renewables Grid Initiative

Multi-use in policy: EU perspectives and support

Xavier Guillou | Policy Officer, DG Mare

Multi-use in the Belgian part of the North Sea

Jesse Verhalle | Marine Attaché, Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment

Steps needed for a wider roll out of multi-use approaches

Ulrik Stridbæk | Vice President, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Ørsted

Multi-use: A Dutch perspective on nature enhancement opportunities

Erwin Coolen | Director, The Rich North Sea

Panel discussion on multi-use policy frameworks

Moderator: Mattia Cecchinato | Offshore and Sustainability Analyst, Wind Europe


Coffee Break


Session two: Practices of multi-use approaches and related pilot projects

Multi-use systems: A solution to competing interests in offshore space?

Tim Staufenberger | Managing Director, Kieler Meeresfarm GmbH & Co. KG

Multi-use of Aquaculture and tourism in Greece 

Ioanna Drigkopoulou | Associate, Wings ICT Solutions

The Middelgrunden wind case & the upcoming wave energy project

Hans Chr. Sørensen | Project Manager, Middelgrunden

Panel discussion on the presented practices

Moderator: Cristian Passarello | Project Manager, Renewables Grid Initiative

Conclusion and wrap up

Antonella Battaglini | CEO, Renewables Grid Initiative


End of the workshop

Registration & links


Cristian Passarello
Project Manager - Offshore Energy & Nature

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